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Edwards Freeze Dryer (used)

Lyoflex 2.0ss Steam Sterilisable



    The plant is in very good condition and was run and tested prior to disconnection and removal

    from customer’s site.

Availability: In our workshop awaiting customer inspection by appointment.


The refrigeration systems were fully upgraded in December 2009 and the plant given a major service and instruments calibrated. 

Lyoflex 2.0 SS
The chamber is designed to fit into a clean room/sterile suite.
Manufacture date
1989 and subsequently serviced and maintained to the highest level. 
Shelf area                       
4 useable + 1 compensating
Shelf size                        
609mm wide x 914mm deep
Shelf spacing                  
Shelf stoppering
Yes - Hydraulic
Condenser ice capacity     
40 litres
Chamber and condenser 
AISI 316L stainless steel
Services Required:-
Power:  16Kw (415volts 3phase 50hz)
Cooling water:  3200 litres per hour
Compressed Air:  6 bar
Steam consumption:  70 Kg/hr
Defrost water:  350 litres
Recommended chiller:  15000Kcal/hr
Chamber – Condenser:  Isolation valve in-between vessels
Automatic control system:  Yes – Edwards Lyomaster & PLC
Chart recorder:  Yes
Approximate Performance
Maximum shelf cooling:  -50oC Pre-freezing
Maximum shelf heating:  +60oC
Condenser temperature:  -75oC
Chamber vacuum:  9.0 x 10-3 m/bar
System pressure rise:  15 microns in 1 hour
Refrigeration system         
1 x dedicated compressor for shelf cooling via heat exchanger.
1 x dual use compressor for condenser cooling and shelf cooling via a heat exchanger.
E2M30 vacuum pump
HFC (Isceon 89)
Plant footprint
1558mm deep x 2110mm wide x 2160mm high with separate electrical control and mains cabinets.
Gross weight
3,050 Kgs
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